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Visual Identitty

Together with the client, we decided to move away from typical associations with bread and other bakery identifications. We connected the sign with the company name, emphasizing its potential to be used as a logo for both the bakery and the wine store.

„Ferment” is a shortcut from the word „fermentation,” or in common Polish language, it means „confusion.” That’s why the typography is mixed, still fermenting, and forming.

Fun & Elegance

Ferment is a unique and extraordinary place. The logotype is designed in harmony with simple pleasure, fun and elegance.

Coherent Visual System

At Ferment, we have crafted a coherent visual identity system that seamlessly integrates every aspect of the brand’s presentation. From the logo to the packaging, every detail is meticulously designed to ensure a consistent and memorable brand experience.

The visual identity system of Ferment encompasses a unified set of brand elements that work harmoniously together. The color palette, typography, and graphic elements are chosen to create a distinct and recognizable look that can be applied across various mediums, from business cards to storefront signage.

Our integrated design approach ensures that every element of Ferment’s visual identity is aligned with the brand’s values and mission.

In summary, the coherent visual identity system of Ferment is a testament to our commitment to quality and creativity. By maintaining a consistent and unified design across all platforms, we ensure that the brand stands out in the market and resonates with our audience.

As a graphic design studio, we say stop to the cluttering of urban landscapes with advertisements. Inspired by São Paulo’s positive example, we envision a future where design serves function and enhances our surroundings.

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