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Visual Identification for Polish Graphene - G-Flake, ordered by Łukasiewicz Research Network Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics

The sign's shape mirrors graphene's structure, incorporating the initial "G" and "F" from G-Flake. Color palette reflects graphene and Łukasiewicz branding.


We decided to combine the Anton and Roboto typefaces. Anton works well for headings, while Roboto is highly legible and effectively communicates with the audience.


All cutting lines have been oriented at angles of 60 or 300 degrees. The symbol aims to convey modernity, stability, and the intricate structure of graphene as seen under a microscope.

We've also created a simple, one-page informative website about products and brand


The G-Flake symbol is the essence of innovation and stability, seamlessly blending the shape of graphene with the first two letters of the name in a dynamic emblem. The color scheme, inspired by graphene and the Łukasiewicz emblem, harmonizes with the original typography (Anton and Roboto), creating a unique identity.

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